Digital Marketing

Find Out Below How We Can Use Our Expertise To Help Your Brand Thrive Online.

People spend twice as much time online today than they used to 12 years ago. The way people shop and interact with brands has changed making Digital Marketing more important as offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Digital Marketing In A Nutshell

What Do Our Digital Marketing Efforts Include

Search Engine Optimisation

Consumers are bluring the lines between the online and offline world. 78% of local mobile-searches result in offline purchases, meaning without SEO you’re missing out on potential customers.

Content Marketing

With content consumption at it’s highest, knowing what to share has never been so important. Users are likely to only remember 10% of something if it doesn’t include an image, versus 65% if it does.

Pay Per Click

64% of people click on Google ads when looking for a product. If you’re not utilising PPC, you’re losing clients to your competition who are.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a tried and tested method at increasing your brands revenue. Emails sent about abandoned shopping carts have a 40% open rate, giving you a second chance to close a sale.

Native Advertising

Only 34% of users make a purchase on their first visit. Utilising native advertising is one way of getting a user to come back to complete their purchase.

Affiliate Marketing

Acting as the publisher, we have a large network of advertisers ready to promote your brand and it’s services. In 2016 lead generation went up by 16% due to our affiliate marketing efforts.

The Main Benefit of Digital Marketing

With offline advertising, it’s very difficult to gauge how many people saw or engaged with an advertisement. Online, or Digital Marketing changes that by offering in-depth, real-time tracking analytics that we use to improvise, adapt, and overcome any marketing obstacles.

Demographic & Geographic Targeting

Here Are Just Some Of The Ways We Can Target Your Audience Online

Worldwide Location

The internet is global – meaning your online presence can be too. We can target users by specific Continent, Country, Region, and even by City.

Hobbies & Interests

Knowing what hobbies and interest a user base have, is a great tool when deciding when and where to market your brand. Knowing who your potential audience are, is a step often missed by other agencies.

Age & Gender

By refining our marketing efforts to a select age group and gender, we can increase the overall effectiveness of our marketing efforts, minimising waste spend and increasing ROI.

Browser & Device

More relevant now than it ever was, knowing about the technology your audience uses helps when planning your digital marketing strategy. Did you know, users of Google’s Android operating system make more purchases; while users of Apple’s operating system spend more per transaction.

The Importance Of Mobile Marketing

Over 60% of all digital media consumed is done on a mobile device. This means it’s essential your digital ads, web pages, social media images, and other digital assets are all optimised for mobile & tablet devices.

Those engaging with your company via mobile & tablet devices need to have the same positive experience as they would on desktop.