Video Content

The power of online video is increasing. Let us show you the way

The use of video has a great positive impact on your brand and your website’s SEO. It’s a powerful marketing tool that has moved from “nice to have” to a “must have”. Video is one of the greatest and quickest ways to spread the word about your brand.

Video Entices the user right away

The Power of Online Video


With over 1 billion users, it’s safe to say YouTube kick start the online video revolution. With over 1 billion hours worth of video watched daily on the platform, YouTube is a powerful playground when promoting your brand.


Video posts on the social media giant have a much greater organic reach than that of photos, links, and text combined. With a reach of 135% more, Facebook is fast becoming a great tool to interact and engage your audience.


The most successful brands on Instagram post almost 3 times as many videos than they do photos. Videos have a 53% engagement rate on the social media network, proving it’s popularity amongst its users.

Unparalleled Popularity

By the end of 2017, 74% of all the traffic online will be made up of video content. Video content entices the user as soon as it starts playing, it helps break up all the static content such as images with a greater reach and engagement rate.

Increase Revenue

Using video content can increase revenue 49% faster than non-video content. Almost 50% of online users look for video content related to a product they are considering purchasing.

Higher Conversions

Using video content on a landing page can increase conversions by a staggering 80%. Visitors are more likely to watch a video than they are to read a text-based article on the same subject.

A New Digital Marketing Standard

Using video in various forms has almost become a staple in digital marketing tactics. With the exponential growth of video content available online, now is the time to embrace the change and witness how it can help your brand.

It's Not A Simple As Just Pressing Record

There Are Many Factors That Make A Great Video

Video Length

Users on different platforms have different preferences. Facebook & Instagram users like short 60 second videos, while YouTube users like slightly longer 5 minute ones. Planning for this in advanced makes for a better video campaign.

With Or Without Sound

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. A video that doesn’t portray your brand well using only clever visuals has a lower chance of success on this platform.

Camera Setup

Having just one static camera doesn’t work well for many industries. Multi-camera setups have a higher success rate, especially for product related videos as prospective buyers like to see products from all angles.

Aspect Ratio

Videos shot in a 1:1 or square aspect ratio have a better chance of success, but only with selected audiences. These work best on Facebook & Instagram, while the YouTube audience prefer a traditional 16:9 shot.

Exponential Growth

There are over 1 billion unique visitors to YouTube each month, with over 500 years of video being watched Every. Single. Day. A video gets shared every 60 seconds online, which increases it’s reach and engagement rate. 28% of all google searches now result in a YouTube video. Having a video on your website can increase your chances of being on Google’s page one of results by nearly 50 percent.