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Who Are We?

We are The Social Associate, experts in digital marketing. Established for many years, we’ve worked with a multitude of clients in many industries who require digital marketing to a high standard, that simply works.

Anyone of our clients will be happy to tell you of their experience working with us and that you can trust us when we say our digital marketing gets you the results you want.

What Do We Do?

All things digital marketing. We are highly experienced in all areas of digital marketing, from running successful PPC campaigns, to growing a brand and it’s social media.

We not only build websites and brands, we can, and have cemented them in their industry through our SEO efforts and social media management.

Where Are We Based?

We have our main headquarters in the centre of Birmingham in the UK. With our other offices in multiple location around the UK, we cover any business, from any industry, from anywhere.

The Next Step For Your Business

With every service we provide, we concentrate on increasing and improving your online presence. Whether that is through the use of social media, or using tried and tested methods such as SEO; we’re here to help you take the next steps in growing your business and it’s target audience.

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