Go Ahead

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of businesses do you work with?

We have and do work with businesses of all sizes, from any industry. We’ve worked with local companies and start-ups to national and multi-national brands.

Can you guarantee results?

No, and nobody can as there too many variables at play, especially with SEO as google’s algorithm is top secret and forever changing. We can however show you our highly successful track record across all sorts of sectors, even putting you in touch with past clients.

How can I get in touch with you?

We’ve done away with account managers of old. All our clients have our personal contact details; phone numbers, email addresses as well as being welcome to our premises at any time.

Is Google the only search engine you deal with?

We work with other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. We mention Google a lot due to their size and dominance in their field.

Do I need a large budget to be number one in search results?

Simply put, being first on Google or other search engines has nothing to do with money. It’s true that larger marketing budgets help with it comes to SEO as you can do more, but it still doesn’t guarantee results. Being number one is all down to keywords, content, and the industry you’re in.

Do you have lengthy contracts?

While we opt for longer contracts due to the time it can take to see results, we are happy and do work with shorter contracts or even 30 day rolling ones. It all depends on what you want, how quick you want it, and how much your budget is.

If I decide to leave you, will you undo all your SEO work?

Absolutely not. If you no longer have any need for us, you are more than welcome to seize using our services. We will leave everything we have done in place as you’ve already paid for the work, meaning you can continue to reap the rewards of our improvements.

Do you outsource work?

No, we don’t outsource our work. We have carefully built up a team of developers, designers, marketers, and analysts so we can produce work to the high standard our clients can expect. We understand that to get the best results, we have to have the best team in the business.