Social Media Mangement

In order for your social media campaign to be successful, it must be part of your everyday life

There’s no ignoring the importance of social media for businesses of all sizes in the UK and overseas. One of the biggest mistakes that companies can make when marketing their business on social media is to go at it alone. Let us guide the way to your social media success.

If It's worth doing it's worth doing right

Why Social Media Management Is Key

Time Consuming

Social media management is time consuming. 64% of the most successful brands spend 11 hours or more each week managing their social platforms.

Fan Base Growth

A sign of a growing business, is a growing social fan base. With almost 1/3 of the world’s population using social media, there’s still a huge potential for any brand.

Content Creation

Content consumption has increased 57% this year alone. Our social media management packages can include content creation, taking the hassle out of sharing.

Streamlined Communication

Companies who are socially active are more likely to generate leads through their social platform. 6 out of every 10 users prefer communication in this way.

Knowing What Works

Researchers found that coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. Knowing little tricks and tips like this give us the edge over our competitors,

Increasing Leads

90% of all “Do it Yourself” business owners admit to not gaining any traction with their social media platforms. Let us take the guess work out of social media.

Proven Results

@RichListGroup Case Study

Utilising The #Explore Page

The #explore page is one of the best ways to increase your Instagram engagement. By researching which hashtags were relevant to @richlistgroup, we were able to consistently showcase their content at the top of this page. Hashtags such as #craigdavid, #abudhabigrandprix, and #luxuryevents helped the @richlistgroup trend in the top posts section of Instagram.

Timely Post Updates

Timely post updates, at and around popular events, are important to ensure your audience see your content when it’s most relevant. Posting content as an event is gaining popularity, ensures you don’t miss out on potential account growth and post reach. @richlistgroup is currently trending for #abudhabigrandprix which is an event we’ve being associating their posts with since August 2017. This allows us to capitalise on the event’s organic growth ready for November 2017, when the Grand Prix takes place.

Audience Research

Knowing who your potential audience follow is a key part of your Social Media Management plan. By knowing that the fans of@richlistgroup also like and follow @CraigDavid, who is also performing at #abudhabigrandprix, we were able to target more of @CraigDavid’s fans by promoting the right content to appear at the top of the #craigdavid explore page.

Road Map To Success

It all starts with a social media strategy that is right for you. We research and then create perfectly crafted content based on your bespoke plan in order to yield the most engagement from your audience.

We then analyse the results, tweaking your plan if needed.

Don't Mismanage Your Social Media

How We Manage Your Social Platforms

Bespoke Content

If included in your plan, we create one off bespoke pieces of content that are akin to your brand and it’s identity.

Jargon Busting Analytics

We help you make data-driven social media decisions with confidence, by analysing real time insights on your social profiles.

In The Public Eye

Keeping your brand in the public eye comes down to having highly active social media accounts, something we do naturally.

Build Engagment

We build a real sense of community around your social platforms with the likes of content, Q & A sessions, as well as welcoming any and all of your clients feedback.

Do More With Social Media

Save time managing all your social media by having us do it for you. We can take over as little or as much as you like. We provide you with daily and weekly reports so you can see that by you doing less, your social media can do more.